Oceanbolt Python SDK

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The Oceanbolt Python SDK provides access to Oceanbolt data. It is a python wrapper around the Oceanbolt Data API (REST).

It can be easily integrated existing tools such as jupyter notebooks, scripts, and applications.

Data is returned in the form of pandas.DataFrame, which allows for easy manipulation and further data processing.

The python SDK is available to all Oceanbolt API clients (API authentication token required in order to get access). API tokens can be generated in the Oceanbolt App (app.oceanbolt.com)

We suggest to read the Getting Started page to get up and running quickly.

Project Status

IMPORTANT: The oceanbolt-python-sdk is still undergoing development, and certain features may be changed/removed before the launch of version 1.0.0


Short example to illustrate the use of the oceanbolt-python-sdk:

 1from datetime import date, timedelta
 3from oceanbolt.sdk.client import APIClient
 4from oceanbolt.sdk.data.port_calls import PortCalls
 6base_client = APIClient("<your api access token>")
 8# Get capesize port calls in Port Hedland for last 7 days
 9port_calls = PortCalls(base_client).get(
10    start_date=date.today() - timedelta(days=7),
11    segment=["capesize"],
12    unlocode=["AUPHE"],

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