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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2020 Google LLC
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import proto  # type: ignore

from google.protobuf import wrappers_pb2 as wrappers  # type: ignore

__protobuf__ = proto.module(

[docs]class ListVesselsRequest(proto.Message): r"""Vessels Attributes: dwt (Sequence[float]): min,max on the dwt columns eta (Sequence[str]): before,after on the eta columns segment (Sequence[str]): included segments sub_segment (Sequence[str]): included sub segments load_region (Sequence[str]): included load regions load_country (Sequence[str]): included load countries load_port (Sequence[str]): included load ports destination_region (Sequence[str]): included discharge regions destination_country (Sequence[str]): included discharge countries destination_port (Sequence[str]): included discharge ports destination_unlocode (Sequence[str]): included discharge ports cargo_status (Sequence[str]): included cargo states laden_status (Sequence[str]): included laden states laden_status_draught (Sequence[str]): included laden states speed (Sequence[float]): min,max on the speed column draught (Sequence[float]): min,max on the draught column exclude_unknown_destination (bool): include rows where destination_country is blank group (str): group by filter parameter range_ (str): range value for timeseries request (ex: month/monthly, week/weekly) flow_date (str): flow date (of load/discharge) for timeseries request commodity (Sequence[str]): included commodity values commodity_group (Sequence[str]): included commodity values zone_id (Sequence[int]): included zone ids port_id (Sequence[int]): included port ids anchorage_id (Sequence[int]): included anchorage ids berth_id (Sequence[int]): included berth ids shipyard_id (Sequence[int]): included shipyard ids direction (Sequence[str]): included diretions imo (Sequence[int]): included diretions port_status (Sequence[str]): exclude_mpv (bool): limit (int): hours_since_last (int): parameter for aisquality request format_ (str): response format (default is json, supported csv) """ dwt = proto.RepeatedField(proto.DOUBLE, number=1) eta = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=2) segment = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=3) sub_segment = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=4) load_region = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=5) load_country = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=6) load_port = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=7) destination_region = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=8) destination_country = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=9) destination_port = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=10) destination_unlocode = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=35) cargo_status = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=11) laden_status = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=12) laden_status_draught = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=29) speed = proto.RepeatedField(proto.DOUBLE, number=13) draught = proto.RepeatedField(proto.DOUBLE, number=14) exclude_unknown_destination = proto.Field(proto.BOOL, number=15) group = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=16) range_ = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=17) flow_date = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=18) commodity = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=19) commodity_group = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=30) zone_id = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=21) port_id = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=22) anchorage_id = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=23) berth_id = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=24) shipyard_id = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=25) direction = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=26) imo = proto.RepeatedField(proto.UINT32, number=28) port_status = proto.RepeatedField(proto.STRING, number=31) exclude_mpv = proto.Field(proto.BOOL, number=32) limit = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=33) hours_since_last = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=34) format_ = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=27)
[docs]class ListVesselsResponse(proto.Message): r""" Attributes: vessels (Sequence[]): csv (str): xlsx (str): """ vessels = proto.RepeatedField(proto.MESSAGE, number=1, message='Vessel', ) csv = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=2) xlsx = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=3)
[docs]class ListStoppageEventsRequest(proto.Message): r"""VesselStoppageEvents Attributes: imo (Sequence[int]): included vessel imos startDate (str): endDate (str): format_ (str): response format (default is json, supported: csv, xlsx) """ imo = proto.RepeatedField(proto.INT32, number=1) startDate = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=2) endDate = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=3) format_ = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=4)
[docs]class ListStoppageEventsResponse(proto.Message): r""" Attributes: stoppage_events (Sequence[]): csv (str): xlsx (str): """ stoppage_events = proto.RepeatedField(proto.MESSAGE, number=1, message='StoppageEvent', ) csv = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=2) xlsx = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=3)
[docs]class Vessel(proto.Message): r"""Entities Attributes: vessel_name (str): imo (int): mmsi (int): last_position_received (str): last_static_received (str): dwt (float): segment (str): sub_segment (str): zone_id (int): zone_name (str): port_id (int): port_name (str): anchorage_id (int): anchorage_name (str): berth_id (int): berth_name (str): shipyard_id (int): shipyard_name (str): related_port_id (int): related_port_name (str): cargo_status (str): laden_status (str): laden_status_draught (str): destination (str): destination_port_name (str): destination_region (str): destination_country_code (str): eta (str): navigational_status (int): last_port_name (str): last_country_code (str): last_region (str): port_call_status (str): commodity_group (str): commodity_name (str): direction (str): speed (float): """ vessel_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=1) imo = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=2) mmsi = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=3) last_position_received = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=4) last_static_received = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=5) dwt = proto.Field(proto.DOUBLE, number=6) segment = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=7) sub_segment = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=8) zone_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=9) zone_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=27) port_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=28) port_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=29) anchorage_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=30) anchorage_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=31) berth_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=32) berth_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=33) shipyard_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=34) shipyard_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=35) related_port_id = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=36) related_port_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=37) cargo_status = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=10) laden_status = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=11) laden_status_draught = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=12) destination = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=13) destination_port_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=14) destination_region = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=15) destination_country_code = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=16) eta = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=17) navigational_status = proto.Field(proto.UINT32, number=18) last_port_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=19) last_country_code = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=20) last_region = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=21) port_call_status = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=22) commodity_group = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=23) commodity_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=24) direction = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=25) speed = proto.Field(proto.DOUBLE, number=26)
[docs]class StoppageEvent(proto.Message): r""" Attributes: imo (int): started_at (str): ended_at (str): port_id (int): port_name (str): zone_id (int): zone_name (str): min_speed_observed (google.protobuf.wrappers_pb2.DoubleValue): duration_hours (google.protobuf.wrappers_pb2.DoubleValue): lat (float): lon (float): classification (str): """ imo = proto.Field(proto.INT32, number=1) started_at = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=2) ended_at = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=3) port_id = proto.Field(proto.INT32, number=4) port_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=5) zone_id = proto.Field(proto.INT32, number=6) zone_name = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=7) min_speed_observed = proto.Field(proto.MESSAGE, number=8, message=wrappers.DoubleValue, ) duration_hours = proto.Field(proto.MESSAGE, number=9, message=wrappers.DoubleValue, ) lat = proto.Field(proto.DOUBLE, number=10) lon = proto.Field(proto.DOUBLE, number=11) classification = proto.Field(proto.STRING, number=12)
__all__ = tuple(sorted(__protobuf__.manifest))