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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2022 Google LLC
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from typing import MutableMapping, MutableSequence

import proto  # type: ignore

__protobuf__ = proto.module(

[docs]class GetVesselStatesRequest(proto.Message): r"""Request message for VesselStateService.GetVesselStates Attributes: imo (MutableSequence[int]): included vessel imos start_date (str): end_date (str): """ imo: MutableSequence[int] = proto.RepeatedField( proto.INT32, number=1, ) start_date: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=2, ) end_date: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=3, )
[docs]class GetVesselStatesForDateRequest(proto.Message): r"""Request message for VesselStateService.GetVesselStatesForDate Attributes: date (str): """ date: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=1, )
[docs]class VesselStatesResponse(proto.Message): r"""Request message for VesselStateService.GetVesselStates and VesselStateService.GetVesselStatesForDate. Attributes: vessel_states (MutableSequence[]): A collection of VesselState objects that is returned by the API. """ vessel_states: MutableSequence['VesselState'] = proto.RepeatedField( proto.MESSAGE, number=1, message='VesselState', )
[docs]class VesselState(proto.Message): r"""VesselState object Attributes: vessel_name (str): Name of the vessel. imo (int): IMO number of the vessel. mmsi (int): MMSI number of the vessel. timestamp (str): UTC timestamp for the VesselState. dwt (float): DWT of the vessel. segment (str): Segment of the vessel. sub_segment (str): Sub segment of the vessel. vessel_type (str): The vessel type. zone_id (int): Database identifier of the zone zone_name (str): Name of the zone port_id (int): Database identifier of the port port_name (str): Name of the port anchorage_id (int): Database identifier of the anchorage anchorage_name (str): Name of the anchorage berth_id (int): Database identifier of the berth berth_name (str): Name of the berth shipyard_id (int): Database identifier of the shipyard shipyard_name (str): Name of the shipyard related_port_id (int): Port id of the parent port (for vessels that are in anchorage/berth/shipyard) related_port_name (str): Name of the parent port (for vessels that are in anchorage/berth/shipyard) vessel_status (str): Status of the vessel laden_status_model (str): The laden status of the vessel as determined from the the Oceanbolt Algorithms, taking into account prior berth visits, prior draught changes etc. laden_status_draught (str): The laden status according to the current draught as reported by the Master. destination (str): Destination as reported by the crew destination_port_id (int): Parsed destination port id destination_port_unlocode (str): Parsed destination port unlocode destination_port_name (str): Parsed destination port name destination_region (str): Parsed destination region destination_country_code (str): Parsed destination country code destination_score (float): Destination score for parsed destination result predicted_destination_port_id (int): Predicted destination port id predicted_destination_port_unlocode (str): Predicted destination port unlocode predicted_destination_port_name (str): Predicted destination port name predicted_destination_region (str): Predicted destination region predicted_destination_country_code (str): Predicted destination country code predicted_destination_score (float): Destination score for predicted destination result prediction_destination_description (str): description of how the prediction destination was determined predicted_arrival (str): the predicted arrival to the predicted destination port eta (str): navigational_status (str): Navigational status of the vessel navigational_status_code (int): Navigational status code of the vessel port_call_status (str): commodity_id (int): Commodity id of the commodity carried commodity_group (str): Name of the commodity group carried commodity_name (str): Name of the commodity carried direction (str): The direction of the vessel speed_status (str): Indicating the speed of vessel last_visited_port_id (int): Database identifier of the last port visited (regardless of what operation happened in the port) last_visited_port_name (str): Name of the last port visited (regardless of what operation happened in the port) last_ops_port_id (int): Database identifier of the last port where load or discharge operation occurred last_ops_port_name (str): Name of the last port where load or discharge operation occurred volume_on_board (float): The estimated amount of volume onboard the vessel hours_carried_forward (int): A indicator describing if the given VesselState was recorded directly from AIS, or if it was backfilled and carried forward from the last received observation. The value is zero for observations that are derived directly from a received AIS position, for observations that are carried forward the value will indicate the number of hours the current observations has been carried forward. """ vessel_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=1, ) imo: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=2, ) mmsi: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=3, ) timestamp: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=38, ) dwt: float = proto.Field( proto.DOUBLE, number=6, ) segment: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=7, ) sub_segment: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=8, ) vessel_type: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=40, ) zone_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=9, ) zone_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=27, ) port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=28, ) port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=29, ) anchorage_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=30, ) anchorage_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=31, ) berth_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=32, ) berth_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=33, ) shipyard_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=34, ) shipyard_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=35, ) related_port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=36, ) related_port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=37, ) vessel_status: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=10, ) laden_status_model: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=11, ) laden_status_draught: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=12, ) destination: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=13, ) destination_port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=51, ) destination_port_unlocode: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=62, ) destination_port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=14, ) destination_region: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=15, ) destination_country_code: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=16, ) destination_score: float = proto.Field( proto.DOUBLE, number=41, ) predicted_destination_port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=52, ) predicted_destination_port_unlocode: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=63, ) predicted_destination_port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=53, ) predicted_destination_region: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=54, ) predicted_destination_country_code: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=55, ) predicted_destination_score: float = proto.Field( proto.DOUBLE, number=56, ) prediction_destination_description: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=60, ) predicted_arrival: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=61, ) eta: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=17, ) navigational_status: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=18, ) navigational_status_code: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=45, ) port_call_status: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=22, ) commodity_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=57, ) commodity_group: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=23, ) commodity_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=24, ) direction: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=25, ) speed_status: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=26, ) last_visited_port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=46, ) last_visited_port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=47, ) last_ops_port_id: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=48, ) last_ops_port_name: str = proto.Field( proto.STRING, number=49, ) volume_on_board: float = proto.Field( proto.DOUBLE, number=50, ) hours_carried_forward: int = proto.Field( proto.UINT32, number=43, )
__all__ = tuple(sorted(__protobuf__.manifest))