Source code for oceanbolt.sdk.distance.distance_calculator

from oceanbolt.sdk.client import APIClient
from oceanbolt.sdk.helpers import (pb_list_to_pandas, wrapPoints)

[docs]class DistanceCalculator: r"""DistanceCalculator provides an interface to calculate shortest route between ports/vessels Methods: distance(): Calculates the shortest distance between a list of locations. duration(): Calculates expected duration for a voyage between a list of locations, given a speed provided by the user. shortest_route(): Calculates the shortest route between a list of locations, and returns the route as a pandas dataframe of lat/lons. get_raw(): Provides access to the raw response from the API, which includes breakdown by individual legs, in case of a waypoint route calculation. """ def __init__(self, client: APIClient): self.client = client._distance_client() self.metadata = client.metadata
[docs] def shortest_route(self, **kwargs): kwargs = wrapPoints(kwargs) return pb_list_to_pandas(self.client.calculate_distance(request=kwargs, metadata=self.metadata).total_shortest_path)
[docs] def distance(self, **kwargs): kwargs = wrapPoints(kwargs) return self.client.calculate_distance(request=kwargs, metadata=self.metadata).total_distance
[docs] def duration(self, **kwargs): kwargs = wrapPoints(kwargs) if kwargs.get("speed") <= 0: raise ValueError("Speed cannot be negative in duration call.") return self.client.calculate_distance(request=kwargs, metadata=self.metadata).total_duration_hours
[docs] def get_raw(self, **kwargs): kwargs = wrapPoints(kwargs) return self.client.calculate_distance(request=kwargs, metadata=self.metadata)